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Dryer Vent Cleaning

There are an Infinite Number of Monkeys typing up Dryer Vent Cleaning content for us right now...

But we’re waiting on them to get it over to us. Quantum mechanics and all that – amiright? In the meantime, we can say this: We offer dryer vent cleaning service because we clean out the dryer vents in our own home on a pretty frequent basis. Every 4 – 5 loads of laundry we empty the lint trap, but 2, sometimes 3 times a year we pull the entire Dryer out from the wall and clean out the hose, and traps. We do this for several reasons, foremost among them is safety. Clogged lint traps are a major fire hazard. The next reason is efficiency. Dryers use a lot of juice, and if you find your clothes aren’t drying quickly it’s likely your dryer vents are clogged, and it’s time to Call Us and schedule your Dryer Vent Cleaning!