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No, it is not necessary. Many of our clients let us in as they are heading off to work, or on errands.  We’ll be sure to lock up when we leave.

We use very pure water that we filter, and filter, and filter again. And then once more.

Minerals found in well and tap water leave all sorts of things on glass. That’s not the case with our water. This stuff is awesome. Awesome to the max.

We don’t swear by any one method or any one type of equipment. We have all the traditional tools, but are always excited to try something new if it works well.

Rest assured we will be the first Window Cleaners in town to use rocket packs. And robots! We love robots.

No thunder, no problem. 

For most homes without storm windows it takes two to four hours to clean both the interior and exterior of the windows. 

If you have any concerns about the length of time we will be working on your home, please let us know when you schedule your appointment with us.

Yes. We have a variety of ways we put together estimates for your home.

Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Looking to get a quick idea and get scheduled? Our online booking system will give you an idea based on the average cost of similarly sized homes. 

Complex project? Just say so, we’ll come see it in person.

Regardless of whether you book online, or book over the phone we will do a count of the windows in your home once we arrive and tell you the final cost of the project prior to completing it.

Yes. We can accept credit card at point of sale, or invoice you via email. 

Most definitely. If there is ever an issue we want to know about it immediately! We make things right.

Employees. We do not subcontract our work. We are invested in our people, and everyone who works for us Loves what we do.

We strive for a high standard of quality and it is our people that deliver it.

We are Fully Insured. We are Members of and Insured Locally by Farm Bureau Insurance. 

That’s completely up to you. If we have to move a chair or lamp; that’s not usually a problem.

If your cache of Picasso’s are leaned against the window you may want to put those up.

We accept debit and credit cards, cash or a check.

Payment can be made at the time of service or we can send you an invoice that can be paid online.

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