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Light Fixture Cleaning + Bulb Replacement

There are an Infinite Number of Monkeys typing up Light Fixture Cleaning and Bulb Replacement content for us right now...

But we’re waiting on them to get  it over to us.

Quantum mechanics and all that – amiright?

Until then we can say that We would be most pleased to Dust and Clean standard Light Fixtures, Ceiling Beams, Crooks, Crannies, and Ceiling Fans.

We’ll also clean cob-webs and other assorted nasties and eyesores.

Just let us know. We have all manner of dusting poles, tools, and attachments along with cleaners and hand vacs.

We’ll also clean up the various bug guts and carcasses that clog your window tracks, sills and hard to reach spots around your home.

We’re familiar with all aspects of Western North Carolina living, and that includes the never-ending dust and stinkbug infestations.

Note: We no longer offer Chandelier Cleaning as our Insurance Provider doesn’t offer high enough limits for the pieces we encounter and are asked to clean.

If another company has told you they are covered, I would ask them to prove it. We cannot find a Broker that offers the appropriate coverage we need for Chandelier Cleaning (specifically.)

If you happen to be an Insurance Broker reading this and can help us out call: 828-290-0425