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Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximize Output with scheduled Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels become soiled from wind-blown dirt, dust, and pollen. We offer unparalleled Solar Panel Cleaning Service – improving output and maximizing efficiency!

Solar Panel Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

Regularly scheduled Solar Panel Cleaning helps to Maximize Output while protecting your investment.

Get Fully Charged with Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels get dirty quickly in Asheville and our surrounding region. A small amount of soiling may cause a 5% output decrease. 

However, when panels get very dirty, their output can decrease by up to 25%!

These layers of dirt and pollen don’t wash away with a rainstorm and require professional cleaning.

We clean Solar Panels with pure deionized water. No harmful detergent means no residue for a clean that lasts much longer.

Whether it’s dust, bird poo or pollution, over the course of time the quantity of energy extracted from the sun diminishes.

Increase your solar efficiency by having your panels cleaned regularly.

Cleaning you own Solar Panels is ill-advised however, especially if you have to climb on the roof.

In such cases it’s better to hire professionals who have the equipment to get the job done, and get it done correctly.

Our professionals are trained, experienced and OSHA safety certified.

Call Pandimensional and have your Panels professionally cleaned, so your can enjoy all of your solar benefits!

We have the know how and equipment necessary to complete small residential jobs or large commercial projects.

We always scrub with non-abrasive scrubbers to ensure a good thorough cleaning without leaving scratches.

We then scrub again and give a final rinse with our own home-brewed, fully deionized water.

This guarantee’s your glass will be free of hard water and minerals for the life of your Solar Panels.

Whenever you call to schedule Window Cleaning services be sure to inquire about Panel cleaning, we will be happy to give them a scrub, and we always give discounts on bundled services!

We are the best solar panel cleaning companies in Asheville NC, Call Today!

Solar panels work by allowing light into their solar cells. The more light, the more power generated.

However, with the upward angle of solar panels, they are more prone to collecting bird poo and a build-up of dust and dirt that a light or even heavy rain fail to rinse off.

Thus reducing the amount of light hitting the panel and reducing its output.

Projected energy rates claimed by solar panel manufacturers are based on the optimum performance of clean panels.

And a build-up of dirt can adversely affect the panel’s ability to meet said projections.

Spring is the most ideal time to have your Solar Panel Cleaning performed.

Having your Panels serviced Between April and June means that as we head into summer and those long days of sunshine, your solar panels will be clean and producing the maximum amount of electricity possible.

For many solar panel owners, it will take 10 or more years to see the return on their investment. A 10% loss in generation over a year can take a whole extra year to realize a return on your investment.

Spring Cleaning aside, we clean solar panels all year round. In fact, solar panels are worth cleaning while preparing for Winter. The atmosphere is generally drier and dustier during the summer months.

This is particularly true on large scale solar farms in rural locations. After fall harvesting, there is quite often a thick layer of dust lying on solar panels from the debris thrown up during harvest. 

Couple this with shorter days and output dramatically plummets.

Now, whereas Spring is the most ideal time to clean your solar panels, solar panels are more efficient on cold sunny days than hot sunny days.

So while you lose some output from having fewer sunshine hours, it is important to have clean solar panels during the winter months so that you can produce electricity efficiently on those colder days.

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Solar Panel Cleaning
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