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Spring 2020

Throw Open
the Windows!​

This is the oddest Spring of my lifetime, personally and as a business owner. Certainly others are feeling the same.

This afternoon we had to run to the bank. And it’s this awesome, sunny, 80+ degree day. But, the roads are empty. And I don’t see anyone. Except for the drive-thru teller, (from 20 feet away. You can’t go to the bank without using the tube thing. And social distancing of course.) Anyway, There’s No One out. On this perfect (FINALLY) spring day.

Social Distancing = No Problemo

Home Isolation aside, we have been moving around A Bit this week.

Again, with social distancing.

And since it is Spring (ish…time?) we are doing what we always do in March – Cleaning Windows in homes soon to go on the market. Real Estate Prep we call it. So, empty houses generally, and this week most definitely.

Perfect jobs given the current global situation. These early months coming out of winter also mark the time where we are scheduling out our entire Spring and Summer calendar, and those early Spring Appointments are turning into a lot of Early Spring reschedules. Which is to be expected, again, strange times. So don’t feel bad about rescheduling.

And that's all we can do. 'Try and be well.'

This, of course, speaks to the awesomeness that is our Clients. I had so many calls this week from people who felt terrible about having to reschedule their April 2 cleaning or April 14 cleaning. And I told them all ‘it’s fine, we get it, this situation affects us all, don’t feel any kind of way, be well, we hope to see you soon.’

And that’s all we can do. ‘Try and be well.’

I think the first step is to ‘Throw Open the Windows!’ Let the air in! Let that stale air OUT! Open every window you’ve got, and probably a few doors, flush your home with oxygen. And now that you’re breathing it let’s improve it a bit, and of course, let’s start at the windows. The dirty, dusty screens, the inner tracks, and sills slick with mildew and mold.

'Call that air George Clinton because it is FUNKY!'

So right now all of this junk is circulating, and diminishing your air quality. We can’t do much about our neighbor sharing the Coronavirus with us but starting at home we can make our own space healthier. So go grab an old toothbrush, a rag, some dawn dish soap, a splash of white vinegar and some hot water.

With your windows open you’re going to want to begin with the tracks and you’ll be working from the top to the bottom. As the junk is loosened you want it to run down towards the sill for cleanup. So wetting your toothbrush and rag with your solution you’re just going to start scrubbing at the top of those tracks. It will take some muscle and a bit of doing but you’ll find a motion you’re comfortable with and eventually, you’ll start to clear away the filth.

It takes some time huh? If you’re wondering how we can clean these at such a fast rate it’s because we have some specialized tools that aid us. But you’re small arsenal is going to make a Major Difference if you take just a bit of time and remain diligent in your scrubbing.

Once you get the tracks cleared you’ve likely got a grey pool in the sill. Wipe it up, get some of your solution on your rag and start scrubbing. Sills can be particularly nasty, particularly where the bottom of the window frame sits. But again, you’re time and effort here will make a Major Difference. When we are cleaning window sills/jambs and sashes we’re aiming to renew them to the greatest extent possible. That’s what people call us for.

While we're skilled at this from thousands of hours of practice...

…this is likely a bit less familiar to you. But with a bit of tenacity, and some grunts I assure you, you can end up with a final result you can feel good about.

On a final note, I want to mention Screens. Screens hold so, so much junk in them. Which in turn gets blown into your home. There’s not a lot you can do to get your screens cleaned to the level we offer. And it’s because we use this awesome Screen Cleaning machine that just annihilates dirt, dust, and pollen. But you can see some marginal improvement by removing your screens, taking them outside and brushing them down.

A broom and a rag are excellent for this job, but you’ll want to be careful not to be too forceful with either. Starting from the top you’ll want to brush your screen, and give it a quick ‘tap’ off the ground. So you loosen the debris, give a quick tap and start over. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

Naturally, we want you to turn to us for the successful execution of these tasks, but if right now that’s not possible we do feel that you can do enough to make a big difference, and right now every little bit helps.

So again, ‘Throw Open the Windows!’ Enjoy this warm weather and fresh air. And we’ll see you when this Coronavirus either blows over or better still; ‘peter’s out.’ Until then – Be Well!

-Pandimensional Window Cleaning Co. of Mills River, North Carolina

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