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Solar panels are quickly becoming the latest house craze, and for good reason. These trendy solar cells are able to save you money while also protecting the environment. However you may have noticed that your once pristine panels are now completely covered in dirt. How could this happen? Read on to find out why.

What They’re Made Of

To understand why your solar panels seem dirty, first you should know what they’re made of. The modern domestic solar panel, different to commercial ones, is made of silicon wafers sorted into PV cells encased in silicon rubber all in a mylar sheet with a plastic or glass cover. This is important to understand because that black color, while great for absorbing rays, isn’t so great when it comes to showing dirt and filth. This means that, when you finally notice your panels are dirty, they’re already really dirty and 

Weather Woes

The glass covering the solar panel is just that, glass. Unlike your windows, solar panels are angled up. This means that if rain, dust, dirt, debris, etc. has a harder time just falling off. Any weather situation that causes your windows to become dirty, will cause your solar panels to become even worse. Not only does the dirt accumulating look bad, it can also dramatically cut the efficiency of your panels. It isn’t just major storms that can cause dirt to build up either. Wind, light rain, fog, and even days where the air quality just isn’t quite right can cause your panels to pick up some dirt.

Cleaning Concerns

Most domestic solar panels are installed on the roof of a building, angled up along with the natural slope of the structure. This makes sure they are constantly taking in light from the sun while available, and getting the maximum amount of energy from the process. But this also means that for most people cleaning them is quite a challenge. Because people can’t always see them, they might let the panels be without cleaning them for some time, and even when they manage to clean them, they might find it too difficult to properly reach all the areas, and get them fully clean.

The above reasons are probably why your solar panels end up seeming dirty all the time. With careful upkeep though, and regular cleaning, they can sparkle and shine like new. If you live In Asheville and the surrounding region and

You want your panels to look their best, Contact the Best and Let Us help you keep your panels looking like new!

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