Asheville's #1 Most Trusted + Reliable Window Cleaning Company

Asheville's Most Trusted + Reliable Window Cleaning Company

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When you have your windows cleaned regularly you gain a lot more than curb appeal.

Clean windows make a home feel warm and bright on the inside and welcoming on the out.

Regular Window Cleaning also helps to prevent damage and protect your investment.

Generally, we recommend an interior and exterior window cleaning twice a year with the occasional exterior cleaning as needed. 

Window Cleaning
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It's not Madness, It's:

Our Window Cleaning Process

Or: “How we offer the Highest Quality Window Cleaning”

Beginning on the Exterior we will:

  • Use our scrubbers and our solution of deionized water and eco-friendly soaps to scrub off bird poo, pollen, dust, dirt, and grime. Mineral deposits, paint and stain.
  • Where necessary we will scrape and/or scrub your window to remove any haze or over-spray. (unless the window is tempered)
  • Give your window a follow-up scrubbing.
  • Squeegee your window.
  • Detail your window with rags that leave no fibers behind.
  • Do a wipe of all the loose dirt in the visible part of the track.
  • Double and triple-check that your window is as clean as possible.

If you have opted for our Screen Cleaning Service (and we certainly recommend you do) we will also be scrubbing your screens clean of pollen, dust, and other allergens.

On the Interior:

  • Same process: but now we’re scrubbing windows free of dust, dirt, cooking grease, grime from your wood-burning stove, and your dog’s nose prints.

In addition to our Window Cleaning services we also offer Skylight cleaning.

Just ask!

You will be amazed what we can clean from your skylights and the immediate difference it will make.

We've got Asheville's Window Washing Down to A Science

It’s true. We’re the mad scientists of our craft. We have been cleaning windows across these mountains for some time.

And we’ve learned exactly what to expect and how to deal with it in order to maintain and improve your windows and views.

Need proof? Just hover your mouse across the before and after slider to the right.

The difference is stunning, and whether your home is in Asheville, Hendersonville, Mills River, or somewhere in between, we guarantee that the difference will lighten up your day. 

Before After

Call Pandimensional Window Cleaning Company for all of your Window Cleaning needs.

We’ve heard that there may be other non-Pandimensional window cleaning services in the area, but we don’t consider them to be our competition.

Our prices are fair and our cleaning is meticulous and thorough.

Each of our teammates has undergone extensive training on our window cleaning techniques and utilizes safe cleaning practices. 

In fact, every one of our teammates is OSHA certified!

We follow-up after every service to ensure that we exceeded your expectations.

At Pandimensional we believe in delivering outstanding service, from the first call to the last window cleaned!

When your windows are dirty, it can really detract from the overall look of the home, inside and out.

While some homeowners take on the task of window cleaning on their own, the benefits of professional window washing are more significant than most would expect.

Pandimensional has years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, guaranteeing results that could never be achieved by a DIY job.

We guarantee that all of our window cleaning team members are hired and trained directly by our company, so you will be satisfied with us every time!

Unfortunately, many window cleaning companies use sub-contractors to carry out their work.

Pandimensional never sub-contracts our work. When you call us you get a fully trained, fully uniformed, fully insured team or team member. Nothing less. 

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Call Today and find out what set’s us apart from the rest, and why we’re known for being the region’s most professional, most reliable Window Cleaning Company.

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